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15 fotos da Sara X Mills impróprias para cardíacos

Atriz, blogueira, modelo e toda tatuada, uma mulher de tirar o fôlego. Essa é a Sara X Mills!

Aposto que você já viu algum vídeo da Sara em ritmo de Jingle Bells ou até dançando Mozart, com os seios. SIM! E no no melhor estilo “Elvira, a Rainha das Trevas”.

Recentemente Sara passou por uma cirurgia para a retirada dos seus implantes de silicone, de acordo com ela, por causa dos 10 anos de validade desde sua cirurgia, ela não pretenderia ficar renovando e passando pelo mesmo estresses que teve na primeira vez.

Conheçam hoje a loira que arranca suspiros por toda a internet – mas cuidado para não ter um ataque cardíaco!

Com vocês, Sara X Mills








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I've never had to have a headshot for anything before and they're SO HARD TO TAKE you guys 😩 What do you think? I signed to a commercial talent agency this month, I've NEVER had an agency or had to choose *one* photo that is supposed to represent who I am at a glance to people considering me for jobs like a #headshot is supposed to, NO PRESSURE right?! I do photos every single day of my life and taking headshots was still tough! I kept stepping sideways while poor @pbclarkphoto was trying to wrangle me into position, so even though I'm a bit offset this was my favorite 😂 (and my agent's favorite plus the crowd favorite from my IG story yesterday). If you're in LA and need headshots check out @pbclarkphoto (and make sure you stand where he tells you to when he shoots you 😂😩😞) xoxoxo Tattoos all by @carlfuchs except the galaxy sleeve by @aaronneiman Basic black crop tank from @shoptobi

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If you’ve been following me for a while, chances are you’ve noticed that I’ve been doing a MASSIVE rebrand in the 9 months since my #explant, which was the beginning of a new chapter for me. It’s given me a chance to be seen for who I am and not just (aftermarket) body parts.  While at times it’s been a bit of an uphill battle, through sharing my life & my story (while also utilizing the Instagram comment filter feature to effectively thwart the majority of people who want to be jerks), I’ve managed to gain not only a lot more genuine followers, who I *adore*, but also create a social media I can enjoy being social on again. I started a blog to share more of my life with you, I still maintain my Patreon to showcase my more creative, sensual and fantasy works that I do for fun in my free time (basically the stuff that people complain I don’t post on IG anymore, lol)… it’s awesome.  Even when I don’t have time to respond to every single one of your comments on here, I do read them and appreciate them.  I appreciate *YOU*. Endless e-hugs and internet high fives to you all.

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