A celulite é um tormento universal: 93% das mulheres no mundo têm celulite e se sentem inseguras por causa desses famosos “furinhos”. Mas a verdade é que boa parte dos homens mal sabe a diferença entre celulite e estria, ou nem a percebem no corpo.

E parece que, quanto mais a gente fala que não percebe, mais elas enxergam “defeitos”. Na tentativa de mostrar que não é preciso ter vergonha do próprio corpo por isso, a youtuber e ativista corporal canadense Kenzie Brenna começou uma hashtag no Instagram, a #CelluliteSaturday.

+ Instagram proíbe hashtag que valoriza mulheres com curvas

Nós apoiamos

“Espero que quando as pessoas clicarem na hashtag reconheçam a celulite como uma parte do nosso corpo que pode ser totalmente aceitável e que não precisamos eliminar ou esconder. Isso é apenas mais uma característica de um corpo”, disse Kenzie em entrevista.

Veja algumas fotos que já estão na hashtag:


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Simply amazing! Stay fierce gorgeous! Thanks for supporting the #selfiesforselflove movement 💝😸🌺 from @josie_landry #Repost @deegetsstronger with @repostapp ・・・ Second curvalicious cellulite post, in honor of @omgkenzieee's #cellulitesaturday's (woop woop!!!!) and her attempt to spread awareness of the shame our society has brought onto our bodies💕 There's no shame in having squishy bits on your body, or having those same squishy bits move whenever you do. There's no shame in embracing and loving yourself, or spreading that love to others. There's no shame in participating in activities that "aren't meant for your body type". There's no shame in wearing whatever the fuck you feel most confident in. Shame is for the people who put others down for the sole sake of feeling better about themselves. For the media outlets and public figures, who would rather endorse a product that is profitable to them, than use their high positions to spread positivity and love to their audience. And for the ignorant minds who will tell you that self love is not in itself an act of spreading love to others. Health is not defined by one particular shape or size. Health is not cellulite creams/low-carb breads/fat-free yogurts/waist trainers/detox tees/fad diets/2 week ab programs/body wraps OR ANY OTHER LOAD OF CRAP THE MEDIA TRIES TO SELL YOU. Health is being aware of your body's needs – giving it rest, challenging it, nourishing it, and most of all, being able to truly call it home.💕

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It's #cellulitesaturday woooohooooo!! I'm wearing a romper to my sons game today. So many people around. In the past I would have been SO self conscious of having my legs out. Of showing my cellulite to the world. As if it was a terribly horrific thing that no one else had and I should be ashamed of. And sitting with shorts on? Omg I died, I'd drape a sweater over my dimpled sides or a napkin or my purse- however I could cover them. As you can see, I've come to realize that cellulite is not something to be afraid of. The dimples on my legs are not something I allow to dictate my life and what I can wear anymore. The ripples on my thighs when I cross my legs, like in this photo, they hold no power over me. It's part of who I am, no matter a size 4 or 18 and anywhere in between, I have learned to live peacefully, and fashionably with my cellulite. And when I honor her, she releases her hold over me and I can get back to just doing me! So, as always babes, just do you! Release the hold that those negative beliefs have on you. Xoxo Allie

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