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‘Sábado da Celulite’: nova hashtag que valoriza as mulheres reais

A celulite é um tormento universal: 93% das mulheres no mundo têm celulite e se sentem inseguras por causa desses famosos “furinhos”. Mas a verdade é que boa parte dos homens mal sabe a diferença entre celulite e estria, ou nem a percebem no corpo.

E parece que, quanto mais a gente fala que não percebe, mais elas enxergam “defeitos”. Na tentativa de mostrar que não é preciso ter vergonha do próprio corpo por isso, a youtuber e ativista corporal canadense Kenzie Brenna começou uma hashtag no Instagram, a #CelluliteSaturday.

+ Instagram proíbe hashtag que valoriza mulheres com curvas

Nós apoiamos

“Espero que quando as pessoas clicarem na hashtag reconheçam a celulite como uma parte do nosso corpo que pode ser totalmente aceitável e que não precisamos eliminar ou esconder. Isso é apenas mais uma característica de um corpo”, disse Kenzie em entrevista.

Veja algumas fotos que já estão na hashtag:



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Buckle up, folks; here's another post about my body. Are you over them yet? I am just in a constant state of introspection. Like my body changes daily, so do my thoughts about it. I wasn't originally going to post this photo because I zoom and zoom and zoom on all my imperfections. "My followers don't need to know that I have fat there." But fuck, man, it's not about that. I always named a number. I will be my best me at this weight. This is THE number. Numbers dictated my satisfaction. It's not until recently that I figured out that it's not finding comfortability in your ideal number, it's finding comfortability and confidence in all your body stages and numbers. I had an experience in Rome a week ago where I under-packed my clothing by a day, so I needed to buy a shirt. The pickings are slim in Rome for any type of chunk, so I settled on H&M. Shuffling through clothing racks, I noticed that their biggest sizes were large, with the exception of a few XL's. It brought me back to being in high school, feeling so discouraged and hating my body because stores made it feel like it was abnormal; shameful, even. I looked around and I found no familiar body types. I felt out of place; that my body didn't belong. It's like, years of work and body positivity can be shattered by one experience. I felt like I relapsed on my positive image, going back to self-sabotaging thoughts and actions. Dreading even looking at my shadow in the street because I didn't like the dimensions of it compared to the person I was walking next to. So, here I am. Vacuuming my house in yoga pants and a sports bra. Here I am, walking on the Tampa Bay Trail, letting the world see my cellulite. Here I am, allowing you to zoom in on my vulnerability. I will love this stage, and I will do my fucking best to love the next stage, no matter what number it is. #bodypositive #plussize #effyourbeautystandards #UsingIGAsABlog #cellulitesaturday

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