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Tanya Alijani é a esperança de um mundo melhor

A modelo australiana Tanya Alijani é com um certeza um colírio para nossos olhos. Uma sensação nas redes sociais, ela chama atenção de qualquer um e também vai chamar a sua. Quer ver?

Aos 28 anos, Tanya acumula mais de 54,2 mil seguidores em sua conta oficial do Instagram. Ali ela recebe milhares de elogios nos cliques postados, muitos de bíquini, lingerie ou ensaios de moda.

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“Casada com o mundo”, é assim que ela se descreve pelas redes sociais. Afinal, pelo que vemos ali, a musa não para de viajar e conhecer novos lugares. Demais, né?

Vem ver um pouco mais sobre Tanya Alijani com essa seleção de fotos que fizemos. Prometemos que você não vai se arrepender.

Com vocês, Tanya Alijani:

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Love story time 💕💕💕 Shout out to all the beautiful women in this world who are kind and supportive of each other 💎. To the ones who smile at each other, compliment each other, help each other and give love to one another. Who don’t leave any girl standing alone, who don’t compete for attention or judge because they are insecure in themselves. The ones who applaud each others successes and not celebrate anothers failures to feel better about themselves or ‘normal’ which is something I see happen so often especially on social media. It’s a culture that needs to change so I’ll always keep talking about it 🙏🏻 The older I get the more I appreciate the kindness of strangers and the random smiles in toilet cubicles. It genuinely makes my heart flutter. To the ones who struggle being kind to other girls, I hope you find love for yourself so you can learn to spread that love to contribute to this world. Everything we do has an impact on people around us, every action and every word we speak. One day we will have daughters of our own who are going to grow up in a world we create. Be kind always 🦋 I’m taking a little bit of a break off social media to focus on real life for a little while but I’ll be back soon. Nothings wrong, I just think it’s important to unplug sometimes to get back in touch with the beauty that is this world. 🦋 Goodnight angels. Photo credit to my amazing friend who always brings out the best in me 💎@petercoulson #unedited #unplug #womanpower #lovealwayswins #beagoodhuman

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